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Coil over shocks, shock absorbers, suspension design and consulting

We specialize in Shock Absorbers, suspension components for Kit Cars, Custom Built Cars, Hot Rods and Lightweight Racecars.


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BRUNTON PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS is an Importer and Distributor of GAZ coil over shock absorbers and springs.

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We specialize in suspension components for Kit Cars, Custom Built Cars, Hot Rods and Lightweight Racecars.

Brunton Performance is owned  by Dennis Brunton, the designer and developer of the very successful Stalker and SuperStalker Sevenesque roadsters.

Custom builders and Locosters are welcome to contact us, not only for components, but for tips on suspension design and setup.

You will invest many hours of labor and $$$$$$ in your project. We can help you get the best possible handling outcome.


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Dennis Brunton

Telephone (941)448-7319

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4227  3rd. Ave. West,

 Palmetto FL 34221

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Sales General Information: COILOVERSHOCKS@AOL.COM


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